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On an island in the Caribbean, a single square mountain kilometer preserves the world's only source of Larimar - one of the newest and rarest gemstones to be discovered and acclaimed.  This wondrous gem's limited locality makes Larimar one of the rarest gemstones in the world. 
The delicacy of mining makes larimar all the more exclusive.  Generations of island villagers depend on it for their livelihood.  They extract the stone by hand, releasing each precious blue gem from an armor of weathered besalt.  Every quality find is more than a future treasure; it is sustenance for entire families and villages. 
To look upon Larimar is to see the swirling seas of the Caribbean emulated in a palette of ocean blue.  Its extraordinary color comes from its mineral composition - which creates its amazing azure hues.  Nature also ensures that no two stones are alike.  These stones are cut and polished to suit the individual color,m shape and pattern of each distinctive gem.  The finest craftsmanship meets nature's brilliant artistry.  This is the lure of Larimar.

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