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Susan was raised in Hawaii.  At the age of 18 she left to attend Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington, where she received degrees in Art, Sociology and Education.  She returned to Hawaii and pursed her creative desires to become an established artist.  After several years she returned to Whitworth to become a teacher in the Department of Art.  She and her students created an art gallery in downtown Spokane, for the exhibition of work by the students, faculty and alumni of the college.  She became the first woman to  be honored by the City of Spokane, by being awarded a one man show in which she exhibited oils and batiks.
After traveling the world, etc. etc. etc. she turned her artistic talents to her current passion, which is the creation of beautiful jewelry.  She strives to keep the prices at a level which makes it affordable.
Susan is now very much at home in beautiful Salmon, Idaho, the home of The River of No Return.


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